5 benefits of using architectural rendering in real estate

What is an architectural rendering?

Architects and designers have always used different architectural rendering visualization methods to convey their thoughts and ideas to clients.

From primitive free-form drawings to artistic paintings and sketches, they tried various expressions to convey design ideas to others.

Today, with the help of technology and tools, architects and real estate marketers can access a whole new world of surreal 3D architectural renderings and images.

Architectural rendering: about what?

Architectural rendering is nothing more than a representation of a 3D building in a 2D form, which increases the perspective and provides a realistic touch.

Today’s computers create ultra-realistic images, making rendering more convincing than ever.

By incorporating the tiny details of colors, textures and materials into these renderings, designers can even create images that are indistinguishable from actual photos before the first shovel is handed over on site! This makes it easy for real estate marketers to sell projects to potential customers.architectural rendering

Software such as VRay, 3D StudioMax or Corona is usually used to make architectural renderings.

The process starts with the basic outline of the structure created using the outline of simple geometric shapes.

At first, this initial model seemed unrealistic.

Once lighting, textures, and more details are added, the image will transform and the rendering will start to look slowly, as if you can reach out and touch it!

After that, you can use some other tools (such as Adobe Photoshop) to add more details and complete the image.

If high resolution is necessary, rendering will take a lot of time and requires an artistic sense.

The more energy and details involved, the more likely the finished image will become a reality.architectural rendering

What are the benefits of 3D architectural rendering?

By using architectural rendering as a tool in real estate marketing, both you and your customers will benefit from it.

You will find that the entire sales process from start to finish is greatly simplified. Prepare to revolutionize the way you do business!

  1. Save costs

Compared with other marketing tools, 3D images are surprisingly cost-effective.

2D plans and blueprints cannot convey the complete picture to the layperson, and making changes to the blueprint can be very expensive because every printed image must be redone.

If you are using 3D rendering, changes are easy and cheap.

In contrast to the arduous process of updating blueprints or changing physical models, designers can update the rendering with the click of a button and can immediately share the modified image. The money saved in this way can be used for other forms of advertising.

  1. Minimize the problem

Making appropriate changes in the 3D rendering will take a few minutes, and changing the physical model or blueprint is time-consuming and expensive.

In addition, once the changes are made, the modified 3D images can be shared very quickly.

  1. Improve marketing

3D rendering can be used as the basis of your marketing strategy. Everyone will agree that blueprints hardly have the same aesthetic appeal as realistic 3D images.

Customers will be attracted by realistic images, no matter where you use them, they will definitely have a big impact!

  1. Strengthen communication

3D images are the best way to convey your ideas to laymen.

Due to the lack of a third dimension, most customers will not be able to understand 2D graphics, such as blueprints.

There is no way to distinguish 3D rendering from photos, they can immediately and clearly show what you want to convey.

As a real estate communication tool to convey the designer’s language, this is unmatched by any other place.

  1. Share online

3D renderings are virtual files that can be easily compressed and shared with customers online. Even if you want to add details or change something, you can quickly share updated images and communicate the changes effortlessly.architectural rendering

Are you ready to provide 3D rendering?

If you have been using traditional marketing techniques, it is time to update your techniques and perform 3D rendering!

These images are not only easy to share, but also very real and can convey the information you want.

From marketing to customer communication, they will definitely enhance your marketing efforts and sales.

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