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Dragon Drawing International Co., Ltd, was established in June 2015 with a registered capital of 3 million yuan. It is a professional company that focuses on design performance services. The company has a professional design team, a warm and careful customer service team, and a serious and responsible management team. The company has more than 100 employees at present, including customer service department, drawing department, shading department and after-sales department. The 100-member team has a clear division of labor and provides you with high-quality services in all directions.
It has been four years since the establishment of Dragon Drawing. In the past four years, Dragon Drawing has developed all the way. Do not forget initiative mind, adhering to the value of “after-sale standard is higher than before-sale standard, and the rights and interests of customers are greater than the interests of the company”, has reached a long-term and good win-win cooperation relationship with more than 4,000 decoration companies, design institutions, independent designers and owners and households across the country, and has produced more than 100,000 renderings in total.
For a long time, Dragon Drawing has won the trust and praise of many customers with “cheap and affordable prices, high-quality renderings, high-quality patient service and rigorous and responsible after-sales”. Looking to the future, Dragon Drawing is committed to becoming the best rendering company in China. For this reason, every member of Dragon Drawing is making unremitting efforts. Dragon Drawing is willing to provide you with the highest quality renderings and the most considerate services in the future and become the most reliable partner on your brilliant road to success.
In the future, Dragon Drawing will accompany you!