Four keys to cooperation with 3D rendering studio

3D rendering studio can provide you services

3D rendering studio can do many things to ensure a smooth production process, optimized turnaround time and accurate and realistic rendering results.

Now is the time to see what measures customers can take to ensure the successful completion of 3D rendering of the project from start to finish.

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3D rendering  service process

1.Provide the right materials

Few people get project information from builders and other contractors, especially when there are many different people involved in the development and don’t know who to contact.

However, in order to ensure the success of 3D projects, ensuring the safety of these materials is 100% essential. Different 3d visualization studios often have different requirements on the required materials, but usually, they will require the following:

Architectural floor plan-The engineering drawings drawn by the architect are to explain exactly how the building was constructed and how it will look when completed.

Contractor’s Plan/Schedule – Other plans, construction schedules and specifications are equally important to the process, including:

FFE-detailed information on the correct style of interior finishes, furniture, appliances and fixtures.

Lighting-design and lighting specifications to ensure the location of the lighting and ensure that the 3D model matches the design chosen by the interior designer.

Landscape material-The landscape design and type of vegetation can be arranged on the ground of the building.

Reference material-3D rendering studio doesn’t mind the reader and needs guidance in many aspects at the beginning of any project.3D rendering company

2.Effective feedback

When working with a 3D rendering company, providing clear feedback is absolutely crucial.

When providing feedback, it is your job to be as concise and clear as possible.

If you want to maximize the chance of 3D architectural rendering in your mind, please pay attention to this.

3.Determine the correct rendering company

This sounds obvious, but the most important step to ensure the success of the project is to find a 3D rendering company that provides high-quality 3D rendering services.

This is easier said than done.


One of the main questions developers and marketing agencies ask 3D rendering companies is how long the turnaround time is.

However, it is entirely up to you, which means that if you want to complete a task within a fixed deadline, it is important to provide detailed feedback.If it takes a few days to select the desired view, and it takes more than 3 days to complete, then we will not be able to complete the project within 10 working days.

Just as a solid real estate marketing strategy takes some time to prepare, high-quality rendering cannot be done overnight.

So don’t expect the studio to provide perfect 4k rendering the day after it is provided.

As seen in this article, both rendering companies and marketing agencies can do something to deliver high-quality 3D content.

If all parties play a role, future problems will be minimized and cooperation is more likely to succeed.3D rendering company