What is high-end gray for modern 3d rendering?

Don’t know when
The concept of “advanced gray” is getting more and more attention and welcome
High-grade ash in recent years
Swept across various fields of fashion, design and home furnishing
Once the design is shown, everyone is hooked
It was originally from the fashion circle
Its neutrality and stability give people a sense of endless charm
In interior design
Design rooms with high-grade gray
Let the inhabitants feel soft and quiet, eternal
People just want to plunge into this gentle town.

What is high-end gray?

01. What is premium gray

Hear a grey word
Presumably many people will think it’s just gray “
Is the gray deity
But in fact, “advanced gray” is not really gray
It refers to the low purity of colors
Just a color
You can simply understand it as light gray
Or more like and close to gray
The tone purity presented by it is low
Soft and calm
It seems monotonous, but it is rich

It is just a general term for a color system
Divided into 40 colors and 25 colors
Are in the senior gray family
The color elements are extremely rich
Each level is interdependent to achieve overall balance

There are two explanations for “advanced” in the encyclopedia:

  1. Close to gray
    Not a dead series
    But has a charm,
  2. Try to make every color live in harmony
    Color matching should be beautiful
    Even show a certain tendency of atmosphere

The famous Italian master of grey tone
George Morandi behaved like “high-grade gray” like this

Advanced ash also has many colors
Adding cold and warm together
Brown gray tone, yellow gray tone
Blue gray tone, pink gray tone, etc.
Morandi ’s paintings tell us clearly
In fact, high-grade ash also has a difference
These colors have lost their vivid saturation
But the harmonious mid-tone is high-grade gray

▲ Morandi color system, that is, “advanced gray” tone, mostly low saturation gray tone and middle tone

We are talking about high-grade gray, it is not just a color
It’s just a noun that modern people define color
Not only in modern times
In ancient China
The use of high-grade ash is also outstanding
Under the strong cultural atmosphere of China
Formed a true Chinese traditional color
It has a long history and a solid accumulation
Each color is pure, high-grade and beautiful

In particular, the Song Dynasty used high-grade ash
Has reached the point of perfection

“Song Dynasty Color Application”

Artistic group represented by Song Huizong
Aesthetic standards
Use the power of imperial power to condense on the official kilns of Ru, Guan and Ge
Created a glorious era in the history of world ceramics
The color mix of Song Dynasty ceramics is very harmonious
The hue is mostly blue, blue green and purple
Mainly low to medium brightness and low purity
They reached a new aesthetic level in craftsmanship
——Quiet and Elegant

Song Dynasty’s Paintings Pursue the Interest of Pure and Elegant
The color is mainly brown tone
Brightness and purity are low
It brings lightness, gentleness, comfort and quietness
Delightful and relaxed

Song Dynasty clothing colors are mostly low light and low purity
And less contrasting color applications
But the color matching is very harmonious
Light color

Song Dynasty Official Service

Northern Song Dynasty Liu Zonggu’s “Yaotai Steps to the Moon”

The colors commonly used by the Song Dynasty people
Put into the NCS color system for analysis
We can clearly see whether it is in the hue circle or in the color scale
You can see the characteristics of the Song Dynasty

In the early Qing Dynasty, the early color system was also formed
Hundreds of years before Morandi
And used in life and production
At that time in clothing, interior decoration and mural painting
The color used is calm
It also interprets the high-level sense of color application

In the context of the Qing Dynasty,
In the hit drama “Yanxi Raiders”
A large amount of ink and tone based on the beautiful Chinese colors
The entire set and costumes of Yanxi
All present a sense of harmony and stability
Pure but not gorgeous, gray but not dirty

The whole drama is dark in color and low saturation
Presents a low-key yet luxurious picture texture
Captured many viewers’ eyeballs
Set off a wave of Morandi

Blue brick ash everywhere
And the costumes of the heroine Wei Yingluo
Belongs to this color family

But in fact, the so-called high-level gray “advanced”
There is no distinction between high and low
Only the depth or the difference between warm and cold
With the development of society, the modern aesthetic level has improved
People have a high saturation of various red and green colors
Aesthetic fatigue has begun

Modern space color design
More and more abandoned those highly saturated colors
It is the color design of the modern space that is the trend
The most important thing about the use of color is collocation
No color exists independently
All have to be matched to balance the entire space state
To achieve advanced elegance

Advanced gray is like this
Simple, pure and comfortable
Not showing the mountains and dew, wantonly
But can focus on the sight with extremely fashionable and sharp color
Presents a stunning texture experience


High-grade ash in modern home

The high-grade gray color system can make people calm down wholeheartedly
In the well-matched picture, the forces restrict and cancel each other out
Let the vision achieve a perfect presentation
If applied to modern home
What kind of surprises ~

“Living room space”

The decoration of the general living room should be atmospheric
And the premium gray appears in the living room
Calm the atmosphere in gray
Unmoving into the space
There is a built-in tone

Gray tone when the hue is relatively simple
Its tone, line, contrast, contrast
May better shape the space
Seems ordinary and nothing new
But it contains infinite charm
Give space unlimited imagination

Simple atmosphere of high-grade gray
Coincides with the bright colors
Concise, tough, full of courage
Space domineering

The same premium gray
With a warm grey sofa
Can immediately make the living room more warm and soft
Seemingly quiet gradient geometric shapes with the same color carpet
But there seems to be invisible tension
The so-called implicit, but so

And the pursuit of simplicity and purity
Beautiful and pure off-white tone
Clear and powerful lines
Divide the space into huge volumes
Divided the visual effects that can be imagined infinitely

“Restaurant Space”

High-grade ash used in the restaurant
Many people find it difficult to control
But it can show a strong personal color
At the same time, it can also show the host’s extraordinary taste and style

Dining table and chairs in gray tones
Black and white different from the past
Different depths create different breaths
Make a perfect concerto
Apply this high-level tone to the restaurant
Instantly expressed the smartness of the restaurant

High-gray shades
Minimal but not simplify
Cold and warm
Extremely black and extremely white
Modern simplicity is vividly interpreted
The whole space is full of style

“Bedroom Space”

Superior Grey Bedroom
  Bring the minimalism of space to the extreme
Simple lines outline the elegant style

This single and monotonous color
Space for thinking
People’s desires are also quiet in this space
Shades of gray
But full of layering
It is more visually calm and calm
Give a stable power
The ultimate charm from the bone
Really fascinating

“Other Space”

In the use of other spaces
It also played its minimalist and advanced
Elegant, humble, quiet, restrained
When the dark gray tone is not exposed
Accidentally integrated into your space
You may have an unexpected visual feast

Simple but simple
Atmospheric and elegant
Just like the lotus blooming slowly in the pond
A little bit of charm burst out
Create a minimalist and luxurious space