Five reasons why the 3D rendering market is growing globally

3D rendering price depends on service quality

The 3D rendering market has grown exponentially, especially in recent years.

The value of the market in 2018 was $1.5 billion.

According to Global Market Insight’s 2019 report, by 2025, its value will exceed US$6 billion.

Although 3D rendering services have found many use cases, a large part of the growth can be attributed to 3D rendering marketing.

Since recent years, rendering software and services have become affordable.

Marketers have decided to use marketing features to get better results.

After in-depth research, we found several reasons for this trend.

3D rendering

It can improve customer satisfaction

There are many misleading advertisements, especially those with pictures.

The products and services sold are still far away from the advertisements, which will anger customers.

This approach keeps the business away from repeated purchases and is doomed to its success in the market.

In 3D rendering marketing, the chance of experiencing the same event is zero.

Whether it’s a product on one of the crowdfunding websites or architectural renderings, customers will get what they see in the ad.

This is why it serves as a marketing to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction.

High-quality 3D rendering

Modern 3D rendering software can generate high-quality images.

This is very important because marketing must be combined with other technologies that consumers can use.

Because these software have the ability to generate high-quality images, marketing experts can now use them for advertising on large TV screens and high-quality mobile displays.

Customers can see what they paid

Customers want to know how much they have to pay, especially when buying products online or having to invest in complex projects.

Sketches and drawings cannot convey the value of this product.

It is the last part of the “make customers trust you” puzzle.

Through 3D rendering, the company can highlight key aspects of the design, show the quality and texture of the material, and convey the quality of the product or design to the customer.

Customers can see the price they want to pay and can make purchasing decisions based on facts.


It helps the company stand out from the crowd

Even if 3D rendering marketing continues to grow, thousands of companies are still reluctant to implement it in their daily marketing efforts.

This is a perfect development for companies that want to stand out, attract more customers and increase revenue.

It can become a member of your marketing team and can win the competition.

The image is so realistic that it often confuses people, wondering if it is a real photo or the rendering they are viewing.

3D marketing can save money in the long run

As long as you look carefully at a list, you will find that such rapid growth in 3D rendering marketing is self-evident.

It brings many benefits to the company. First, it directly affects customer satisfaction.

3D rendering marketing enables customers to understand their benefits in advance, thereby ensuring a high return on investment in the short term (especially in the long term).3d rendering