What is the key to successful cooperation with 3D rendering companies

3D rendering companies can do many things to ensure a smooth production process.

What can real estate developers and marketing agencies do to ensure the successful completion of 3D rendering projects from start to finish.

1,Deliver the right materials

In order to ensure the success of 3D projects, they usually need the following:

Floor plan of the building to accurately explain how the building was constructed and its appearance after completion.

The contractor’s plan/timetable, construction schedule and specifications are equally important to the process, including:

FFE-Specify the correct style of interior finishes, furniture, appliances and fixtures.

Lighting-lighting design and luminaire specifications to ensure the correct location of the lighting and to ensure that the 3D model matches the design chosen by the interior designer.

Landscape materials-landscape design and vegetation types can be arranged on the ground of the building.

3D rendering companies

2,Effective feedback

When working with a 3D rendering company, providing clear feedback is absolutely crucial. When providing feedback, it is your job to be as concise and clear as possible.

If you want to get the most out of 3D architectural rendering, please pay attention to this.

Marking images is probably the most effective way to convey notes and ideas to any 3d visualization studio.

3D rendering companies

3,Determine the correct rendering company

This sounds obvious, but the most important step to ensure the success of the project is to find a 3D rendering company that provides high-quality 3D rendering services.

This is easier said than done.

3D rendering companies


One of the big questions real-estate developers and real-estate marketing agencies ask 3D rendering firms is how long their turnaround time is.

Truth be told, a lot of this depends on you.

An important stage in the process worth mentioning is the view proposal stage.

It is crucial at this stage that you must be 100% sure about the choice of views.

If you decide not to like them in later stages, you may expect a lot of delays and additional costs.

This is because 3D models are usually prepared according to each view, so if the view changes significantly, a lot of extra work may be required to prepare everything to be rendered.

And if each party plays their role, future problems will be minimised and a collaboration is far more likely to be successful.