What is the most popular style of 3D interior design?

What is the most popular style of 3D interior design?

The most popular styles of 3D interior design at the moment are American,European, Chinese, simple and Mediterranean style. We can design any style you like through 3D interior design software. 3D renderings can make you feel a real Sense of experience.3D interior design

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American style:

The decorative effect of this style is more charming, making the space look a bit old.

European style:

In the European style decoration, pay attention to the sense of change of lines, and like to choose rich colors to make the space look magnificent.

In the form of expression, the romanticism is highlighted, and a large number of exquisite woven fabrics are used for decoration to set off the overall home atmosphere.

Chinese style:

In the Chinese style, the most prominent feature is the use of Chinese traditional elements and the symmetry of the spatial pattern.

Among them, mahogany furniture is widely used in decoration to highlight the calmness and elegance of the space.

In addition, wooden carved columns and ink paintings are also used in the space, using more decorative elements.

Simple style:To the greatest extent, a simple style is the simplest way to decorate.
Not only the colors are bright, but most of the materials used are primitive ecology, and focus on restoring a sense of nature.

Therefore, the decorative effect of this style is more atmospheric and is considered the most popular decorative style at present.

Mediterranean style: The Mediterranean style gives people the greatest feeling of tranquility and mystery.

They often like to use blue and white to match the space.

In addition, I like to use some seafood elements to decorate, through the treatment of small details, let the indoor space with a simple and natural atmosphere. 3D interior design

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