01 Project Data Preparation
(1) CAD files or hand-drawn dimension drawings with drawing perspective
(2) shape reference drawing, elevation drawing or hand drawing
(3) with the overall atmosphere of style, soft outfit collocation reference figure
02 Project Time and Quotation
(1) customer service carefully docking drawings
(2) determine the number of drawings, style, check other details
(3) give you accurate quotation and time within 3 minutes
03 Payment of Deposit for Project
(1) The customer confirms the quotation and the time for drawing
(2) pay 50% deposit
(3) project arrangement and production
04 Communicate the details of the drawing
(1) communicate project details and requirements in detail
(2) have any questions and requirements can be put forward
05 small sample docking
(1) within the agreed time, the designer will provide the watermarked thumbnail for you.
(2) in addition to modelling, scheme, free to modify for you until satisfied
(3) if it involves the modification of scheme and modeling, it shall interface with customer service.
06 Handover of High Definition Large Picture
(1) after confirmed, pay 50% of the balance
(2) The designer gives a high-definition watermark-free large picture, which will be sent to you by customer service.
07 Big Picture Free Adjustment
(1) Except for the scheme, adjust the lighting ,material once for free.
(2) if there are any other requirements, communicate with customer service