What do I need to know about the after-sales process of the interior rendering service order?


1. When we receive your deposit, we will arrange your information as soon as possible to understand your needs in detail. We will have customer service to communicate with you and understand in depth. If you have paid, within 12 hours and no one has contacted you, we will compensate you with a 20% deposit as an apology.
2. If there is a major technical error in our first delivery renderings, we will pay you 5-10% of the order amount.
3. If our customer service staff has a poor service attitude, does not actively solve the order problem, has a dispute with the customer, has personal emotions in the work, once the complaint is verified by verification, we will pay you 5-10% of the order amount.
4. Each complete set of information, big pictures, models will be archived for you, retained forever, and provided for you at any time. Without your permission, we will never disseminate or share with others.