2019 year

On the fourth anniversary of the oriental artistic conception, oriental artistic conception will never forget its original intention to give back the trust of new and old customers with more high-quality renderings, patient and meticulous services and affordable prices.

2018 year

On October 29, the number of employees reached 100, and the cumulative number of drawings exceeded 100000. Dongfang Yijing has become a team of 100 people. With more professional and attentive service, Dongfang Yijing has built a good reputation in the industry.

2017 year

Dongfang Yijing comprehensively upgrades equipment technology, the drawing Department comprehensively upgrades high-end configuration computers, the company organizes staff to carry out technical upgrading training, and establishes a perfect customer service system.

2016 year

After more than one year’s efforts, Dongfang Yijing has gained good customer reputation. The company’s number has expanded to more than 60. The second Department of Dongfang Yijing has been established, and the office space has expanded to 300 square meters.

2015 year

The founder with 8 years of design experience led 18 employees to establish oriental artistic conception, which has been recognized by many customers with a serious and responsible attitude, and accumulated the original customers of oriental artistic conception.